Making Jesus Real

You are the light of the world. Let Jesus shine through you to others. (Matthew 5: 13-16)

Making Jesus Real

Making Jesus Real is aimed at helping our students gain and maintain a positive attitude to life through assisting in the development of people skills and life skills. These skills cannot be developed in one go but take a lifetime to develop. Making Jesus Real looks at 56 qualities that we need to develop.

It is centred around the belief that we are the image of Jesus to all those people around us.

We are His representatives and our actions should reflect His values. Jesus also made the comment that we are part of his family and that the ways we treat others should be reflective of the way we would treat Jesus.


MJR is not a program, but a way of life - Christ's way.


MJR is easy, you are already doing it.


MJR is a simple message, it is part of our lives, the way we live our daily lives.


Every month one child is selected for our MJR award. The qualities they display are highlighted at our Assembly and also in our school Newsletter.

In Year 5 the students and parents are invited to attend a Surf Camp. This provides an opportunity for our parents to learn more about the programme and their child.

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