Religious Education

Parents are the prime educators of their children and the school’s Religious Education program is only as effective as parental example and support in the home environment. Family prayer and attendance at Sunday Mass and other Parish liturgies help children in their faith development. Being a Catholic School, Religious Education is our first learning area and underpins all curriculum content. The school’s Religious Education program is a systemic and sequenced program of helping children relate the Catholic faith with their daily lives.

The Religious Education Units of Work are mandated by the Archbishop and religious instruction occurs on a daily basis in accordance with the content of the Units of Work. These units follow the following themes: Baptism, Penance, Eucharist, Confirmation, Church, Bible, Prayer and Jesus


Religious Education

The Religious Education learning area focuses on the knowledge and understanding of the Gospel as it is handed on by the Catholic Church to those who follow Christ in today’s world.

The five outcomes in the Religious Education learning area are interrelated and describe learning that occurs from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Discovering God:
Students understand that people come to discover God through experiences in creation.

Drawing on Human Experience:
Students understand the content of the Christian message and its significance by relating it to examples drawn from human experience.

Knowing Jesus:
Students know the person of Jesus, the model for living out the Christian mission in the world.

Living Like Jesus:
Students understand that Catholics are empowered to live like Jesus the Saviour as they draw on the power of God’s Spirit.

Catholic Practices:
Students demonstrate the skills necessary in order to read and apply Scripture to life and to participate in Catholic ritual and prayer.

Whole school and class liturgies occur throughout the school term. The Rosary, class prayer and other Catholic traditions are also celebrated during the school year.


St Denis School is part of the St Denis Parish, Joondanna. Students are provided with the opportunity to regularly receive sacraments within their life as a member of the St Denis Parish.

Sacraments are sacred community events, which remind us of the role of the community in our faith life. The Sacramental program is family focused, parish-based and school supported.

Children participate in Sacramental programs in Year Three (Penance & Reconciliation), Year Four (Eucharist) and Year Six (Confirmation).

Parents play an integral part in this preparation and are acknowledged as their children’s first teachers in the faith of the Church. Family Workshop sessions are held as part of the preparation for each sacrament and parents and students are strongly encouraged to attend. The students also participate in a Retreat Day.